Now You Can Instantly - Make Your Eyeglasses Fit Perfectly, Comfortably & Securely!

 Eyeglass Retainers & Eyeglass Holder Solves All Eyewear Fitting Problems.

Tiny Eyeglass Accessories Hold Instantly & Permanently Fixes - Heavy Eyeglasses - Slipping Eyeglasses – Uneven Ears - Even Headaches From Out of Focus Glasses

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Now You Can Instantly - Make Your Eyeglasses Fit Perfectly, Comfortably & Securely!

WedGees keep poorly fitting glasses where they belong - even during extreme sports and are not affected by heat, cold, or moisture.

Here are 12 benefits to help you decide.

  1. Stops Eyeglass Slipping Instantly & Permanently!
  2. Grips Your glasses Softly - Keeps Eyeglasses In Place
  3. NO Straps – NO Cords – NO Tubes & No uncomfortable Eyeglass Nose Pads
  4. Secures All of Your Eyewear – Prescription Glasses, Safety Glasses, & Sunglasses
  5. This Eyeglass Glove relieves Temple Arm Pressure
  6. Wedgees Work In All Conditions – Hot, Cold, Or Humid
  7. Fast Relief From Headaches Due To "Out of Focus Eyeglasses"
  8. Wedgees Keeps Heavy Or Uneven Glasses In Place
  9. These Tiny Wonders fit discreetly (almost invisibly) behind your ears.
  10. Available In Your Favorite Colors
  11. Wedgees Come With An Unconditional Guarantee
  12. Works Great For Keeping Children's Glasses In Place During Play

What Others Say

Ralph Snyder

For the last 10 weeks I have been using WedGees glasses retainer because of my glasses slipping. As one whom wear glasses constantly throughout the day, I have noticed a measurable increase in personal comfort. The absence of any eyeglass slippage has resulted in the elimination of constant eye strain an the accompanying headaches. I have found WedGees to be a fantastic addition to my eyewear accessories, a simple solution to a nuisance that was accepted as a "fact of life" for those who wear eyeglasses. Thanks for a wonderful product!

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